Photography – Sculpture – Performance

Opening night: Friday 27th of November 2015 – 6 until 8:30 pm

Workshop Press Gallery -10 Back Newton Grove, Leeds, LS7 4HW 

In conversation with Nick Galvin: Saturday 28th of November 2015 open from 12-3 (talk 12:30-1:30) 

A public conversation between Benedict Phillips and Nick Galvin, academic and former archive manager at Magnum Photos, will reflect on the show as an active installation. This will be an opportunity to gain deeper insights into the history, ideas and ambitions within Benedict’s diverse art practice. It will also serve as an opportunity for the artist and archivist to reflect on the exhibition as a live project to move it forward in terms of how it might be reimagined and reframed over the following two weeks for the closing event.

Closing events: Friday, 11th of December 2015 – 6 until 8:30 pm

Photography – Sculpture – Performance examines the ongoing relationships and shifting hierarchies of these three key media within Benedict’s practice. Constructed out of the artist’s archive of work going back over 25 years, this exhibition explores the dynamics of this three way relationship. Depending on the circumstances of idea, collaboration and location he has observed a powerful shift in the significance or value between the photography, sculpture, and performance in his work. Often the photography has been subservient to performance or sculpture, just as sculpture and/or performance can serve the construction or conceptualisation of a photographic work. There have been many subtle shifts and variations in this dynamic relationship that the exhibition sets out to explore…

The exhibition can be viewed at other times, by appointment only.

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