Alternative Acts of Architecture

Benedict Phillips

Alternative Acts of Architecture, a performance for public realm (30 min duration)

Venice 2019

Wednesday 8 May 2019:  20.30 – 21.00: Monumento a Guiseppe Garibaldi, Viale Guiseppe Garibaldo, Venice

Friday 10 May 2019:    12.00 – 12.30: Monumento a Guiseppe Garibaldi, Viale Guiseppe Garibaldo, VeniceAlternative Acts of Architecture

Benedict Phillips’s new iteration of his alter ego The ‘Grey’ DIV (The Architect) leads participants on walks through urban environments. The Cinema suitcase in his hand shows us a green flowing river, framed by brick vertical walls heading straight up to a slit of sky, and decaying Victorian architecture and long dark tunnels constructed of ancient stone and modern concrete where water is channelled into deep culverts.We are surrounded by infrastructure which disguises both earlier man made built environments and nature. Parallel worlds and journeys can be viewed and revealed through our investigations and imagination. This is demonstrated through the cinema suitcase in which a window shows an alternative perspective on the spaces we inhabit.The DIV discusses and explores ideas of imagination of past, present and future and how’s seeing the invisible characteristics of our environments allows us to grasp for a truly larger picture of our world. Alternative Acts of Architecture contributes to one of the DIV’s core questions, What would a Dyslexic building feel, look and function like?

Encouraging us to consider the inaccessible spaces below us, the work examines the loss of the use of imagination in the development and construction of our urban spaces and places.

Join Benedict as The Grey DIV at the location above to Join him as he explores in public spaces of Venice.

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