March Review – US Trip

This review is going to be a little bit different to the ones that have gone before, as March was dominated by mine and Emma’s (my project assistant) final preparations for my long-anticipated expedition to the US.

Fotofest 2010

Two photographers photographing each other
Put 200 photographers in a room together and this is bound to happen when you let them out…

After considering the advice given to me by professional photographers and curators from the UK, I decided that my first ever photographic portfolio review would be in Texas… at fotofest 2010 – a four week long giddy cowboy photo fun and networking event and also an internationally renowned fine art photographic portfolio review with curators and artists from over 20 countries.

Gallery in Houston
A moment with my fellow delegates at one of the many photographic gallery spaces in Houston.

During my eight days at fotofest I had a fantastic opportunity to meet with artists from across the world in a creative and social setting as well as many face to face meetings with curators, publishers and collectors.

Me with Jessamyn and Joanne
Me with Jessamyn and Joanne at the fotofest hoedown, after the hard work of art launches is done.

This was an opportunity for me to introduce institutions and curators to work such as Place in Place and Invisible Conversations. In preparation for my portfolio review at fotofest, I edited several photographic projects then had them produced as a set of artist proofs. 20 x 24” Archive prints on photo rag paper, printed by Rob Knight.

New York

After spending a week in a city where no one walks and the architecture constantly reminds you of the film Logan’s Run (Houston) it was time for me to pack my bags and head off to the city that tough shoes were invented for, New York City.

New York
This fantastic and familiar NY view was captured from the centre of Brooklyn Bridge at night.

Being in New York is always a fantastic opportunity to meet up with curators, old friends and hopefully see some fantastic art. This trip was no exception, with the exhibition highlight being Marina Abramovic’s retrospective at MoMA – The Artist is Present. This trip also gave me the chance to meet up with environmental artist Eve Mosher, architectural artist Bettina Johae and digital artist Will Pappenheimer. I also had the first opportunity to visit the Klompching Gallery run by my good friends Debra and Darren.

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