Place in Place

In February 2004 I was commissioned to create a new body of work in response to Clifton Park in Rotherham. This became an investigation into my understanding of the real three-dimensional landscape of the park in its self, and the fictional qualities of two-dimensional painted landscapes.

My intention with this work was to confront the viewer with images that explore and challenge peoples’ understanding of how we read landscape.

Place in Place is a development on my practice of creating still lives in the public domain, by placing objects into the type of spaces they reflect or portray, in this case landscape painting back into a landscape.

01 PiP

One of the first things that struck me about Clifton Park was its’ diversity, this is no doubt due to the variety of uses this land has had over the last 200 years or so. Despite this landscape’s use as a city park there is much which intimates its’ use as the extensive grounds of a Manor House including reproduction ruins and the Manor House itself. Though there this is now little left to suggest this was a landscape designed for hunting game.

I started by exploring and documenting the park with the intention of identifying sites that seemed to have a composition or focal point. These images I hoped would be parallel in theme or composition in paintings acquired for the project. The paintings themselves came from nearby charity shops.

Click here to view an interactive map of these installations.

After going reviewing images of my chosen places in Clifton Park I responded to them by listing the types of landscape painting they made me think of. Though the work started by using the visual similarities between the painting and the places I placed them in, it moved towards the more conceptual themes, which started to come out of the work. This approach is demonstrated in the later images, in which I place the paintings in a more confrontational fashion and for reason of subject rather and than composition.