‘3D thinkers in a 2D world’ & ‘A Benedictionary’

London, Wednesday 27th July 2011

A talk at the at the V&A (1:15-2:00) Hochhauser Auditorium, Sackler Centre,Victoria and Albert Museum South Kensington,London, SW7 2RL

The Book launch and performance (6.30-7.30pm) of the world’s first printed dislecksick translation dictionary.The Arts Catalyst, 50-54 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5PS

Following his sell-out performance at Cheltenham Science Festival as part of The Arts Catalyst and Shape’s ‘ Alternative Ways of Thinking‘ event, artist Benedict Phillips will introduce A Benedictionary – a limited edition ‘Lecksick to Dislecksick’ translation dictionary, giving users access to over two and half thousand dyslexic spellings.

Benedict Phillips will open the evening by unleashing his dislecksick side – with a short performance by The DIV.  He’ll then answer a few audience questions and offer guests an opportunity to buy the new book and have it signed (limited edition of 100, £45).

The ability to think in a 3-dimensional, multi-faceted way is a talent that dyslexic people share, but 2-dimensional symbols and words can cause them problems and confusion. Phillips makes it his mission is to presents some of the unusual advantages available to those who think in a “dyslexic” way.

Earlier on the same day, ( 1.15pm on 27 July at the V&A Museum), Benedict is giving a free, humorous and thought-provoking lecture examining presumptions about intelligence, communication and perception, unravelling the numerous misconceptions surrounding dyslexia and presenting the unusual advantages it brings. His talk aims to expose the inner workings of what he describes as the dyslexic ‘3D thinking’ experience, and is the product of 16 years he has spent researching dyslexia.  He offers insights into how to break accepted rules to empower the lexic and dyslexic alike, saying: ‘Everyone can be Dislecksick; you just need to try harder.’

Benectic’s work is also on display in   Field Study Internatioal: Emanations of a Collective Spirit in Art, on the museum’s National Art Library Landing, until 4 September 2011.

To reserve a copy of A Benedictionary, please contact ben@thebenedict.net

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