Residency Edward Cullinan Architects

Residency Edward Cullinan Architects

A two-week residency based at the offices of Edward Cullinan architectural practice in London, initiated to research and develop ideas around collaboration between artists and architects.

There can never be an absolute working method for collaboration between artists and architects; artists have no specific working method or outcomes within their training or profession. It is an industry of inventors and you cannot know what you are going to truly invent before you invent it…

Artists and architects spend considerable time researching and developing their work before delivering a design and though the designs may share many commonalities, the process and concerns of the R&D can be radically different. It is in this territory of process that confusions, misunderstandings and great work can happen.

This lack of formal structure involved photographing the rapidly changing buildings and streets around the office. The residency itself was focused time that laid the groundwork for the development of a photographic practice reflecting on public and private spaces, scrutinising architecture in flux as it changes and is developed!