Soirée Graphique

Spider boy

Soirée Graphique, 2012 – Sculpture/Photo work at Kunsthalle, Bern, Switzerland

An international project based in Switzerland where illustrators produce posters which are sent to invited artists after receiving to respond to an exhibition. Benedict Phillips created a sculpture of a house which was then photographed in the hands of a young boy. This image was printed and framed and then placed back into a domestic setting, adding a series of layers to the work. The print of this work was then reinterpreted by the curators by placing benedicts print into a new location, as well as exhibiting the print work at Soirée Graphique 2012 exhibition Kunsthalle, Bern, Switzerland.

The Boy and the Spider House

“I had the idea of turning the spider poster into a toy, something homely but unsettling at the same time. The boy plays with the toy house unconcerned by the spider that he absentmindedly replicates with the position of his fingers. It seemed too simple to present this image face on like a fashion shot. To make this world believable, to give it depth and a sense of place, I needed to strengthen the myth with a context or setting. In this way you happen upon the image rather than being faced directly with it, and discover the boy and the spider house for yourself.” Benedicty Phillips


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