cq Game

The cq game

Thanks to global warming, African termites invade your building. Your timber frame seems less and less like a good idea… (Return to start square and miss a go)

cq was developed for beam as a strategic learning tool designed to highlight the complexities of urban planning and development. Luckily, it’s also a three in one, fun board game designed to highlight the complexities of urban planning and development. In this game you, the players, act as representatives of different interested parties within local government and/or society.

Your aim is to gain influence and resources for your cause whilst stopping the development of other players. Exactly how this is done depends upon which version of the game you choose to play.

There are six aspects of society represented in this game. In the game, as in life, these aspects are in competition with each other to achieve their goals first. Before you start to play you must decide which of these aspects you would like to represent. In the game, a coloured model of a building local to Wakefield represents each societal aspect and acts as your counter.

Key for Game Counters:

Spiritual, yellow. Political, gray. Financial, green
Historical, red. Culture, blue. Art, black

cq the game comes in a specifically designed wooden case, with spaces for the printed cards, the playing pieces and the folded up board. This game is now on permanent display at Beam, The Orangery, Wakefield.


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