3D thinkers in a 2D World

The ‘Red DIV’ photographic work is a performance for camera developed in response to ‘3D Thinkers in a 2D World’, a lecture/performance by Benedict Phillips. In the lecture/performance, the persona of ‘The Red DIV’ (subverted from ‘div’, UK slang for ‘an idiot’ or ‘stupid’, to ‘DIV’ meaning ‘Dyslexic Intelligent Vision’). Rather than focusing on reading and writing, the work is an insight into how society’s perception of dyslexia might be turned on its head, and through breaking excepted rules, to empower the lexic and dyslexic alike. An opportunity to expose the inner workings of what can beI described as the dyslexic 3D thinking experience. This work also presents some of the unusual advantages available to those who think in a ‘dyslexic’ way. Highlighting and examining presumptions about intelligence and communication, this lecture illustrates and attempts to unravel the numerous misconceptions surrounding dyslexia, exploring the unforgiving rigidity of formulae and social structures within the 2D ‘lexic’ world.

‘3D Thinkers in A 2D World’ has now been delivered internationally at art, educational and science conferences including: ISEA 2009 (international symposium on electronic art); Central School St Martins, 2009, presented to Dean and staff in a professional development seminar; at the V&A 2011 in connection with a display including DIV artifacts and the book launch of A Benedictionary; The Arts Catalyst and Shape, as part of an event at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival 2011; DisArt Symposium, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 2017.

Links further information:
https://vimeo.com/7007852 (ISEA 2009 performance)
https://vimeo.com/26679569 (Cheltenham Science Festival 2011 performance)