Keep things simple

Saint Benedict Tree portrait

A project that draws upon the history of the mathematics of beauty, art and culture. The work consisted of a limited edition print and unique rubber stamp that was distributed to delegates at the 2010 ECCE Innovation Symposium. The image consists of an environment or architectural space in the form of a tree, created using the Fibonacci sequence. There are ten quotes printed on the leaves of the tree, highlighting the collective nature of the creation of knowledge and its creative legacy. The many layers within the work can be split apart and unpicked through a devised set of cultural filters and the map contained within the work can then be drawn out. The specific perspectives covertly placed within this façade of apparent chaos, will then be revealed.

The work was presented at the CIDA & ECCE ‘Creative Industries: The Roots of Business Innovation’ London.

Exhibited/ displayed: Creative Industries – The Roots of Innovation, ECCE Innovation Symposium London, June 2010


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