How to be a Dyslexic Artist & Other Stories

Alicia Wallace ‘If you’ve never known anything else’


Project Display: Participation Floor (2nd Floor)
The Tetley, Hunslet Rd, Leeds, LS10 1JQ
Open daily until 10/11, 10:00-17:00 (20:00 Weds)

How to be a Dyslexic Artist! is a display of images and videos resulting from a short course exploring personal experiences of being an adult dyslexic in our text heavy society.

How to be a Dyslexic Artist & Other Stories, is a display of images, statements and videos resulting from a short course for adults exploring their personal experiences of being dyslexic. This project took the group on a journey to explore the relationship between themselves as ‘neuro diverse’ adults and their experiences of ‘functioning’ in a text-heavy society. How would it feel or even look to have these invisible experiences drawn out, performed and then captured through photography?

Through eight weekly workshops, the group discussed, developed and created their new personas with the intention of realising them as a series of poses or performances. Working with Benedict in his studio to create an image or performance for the camera, the ideas discussed, explored and drawn out during the process were made visible as representations of ideas, experiences and emotions, coming together to form a new persona. Though this series of images may appear to be a conclusion, it is more a form of documentation, capturing the moment that a new set of characters came into being. Whether this is the beginning or the end for these characters’ existences, in this form or another, is yet to be seen…

The project participants are: John Arnison – Alessandra Cali’ – Ollie Getley – Fran Hennessy – Eve Miller Emma Roberts – Rabhia Saeeda – Laura Taylor – Alicia Wallace – Mara West – Lo Whitehead

How to be a Dyslexic Artist! was delivered by artist / consultant Benedict Phillips and his team, Linda Tomlinson, Ros Lehany and Kelly Culver, with project support from Glenn Boulter and technical support from Jonathan Turner.

A Digital Media Labs project supported by funding from Leeds Inspired & Arts Council England. With special thanks to project partner The Tetley.