RE:reding “3D thinkers in a 2D world”

thum red div

Benedict Phillips as the RE:red DIV

Benedict Phillips as the RE:red DIV

3D Thinkers in a 2D World is a performance lecture by artist Benedict Phillips as the new “RE:red” DIV, created for isea2009 (International Symposium on Electronic Art) in Belfast. Developed in response to his 14 years of research within dyslexia, it aims to expose the inner workings of what he describes as the dyslexic ‘3D thinking’ experience. It also presents some of the unusual advantages available to those who think in a “dyslexic” way.

By unpicking his creations such as “The DIV” (subverted from “div” which in the UK slang means ‘an idiot’ or ‘stupid’ to ‘DIV’ or “Dyslexic Intelligent Vision”) Benedict highlights and examines presumptions about intelligence, communication and perception. He plots an emotive course to illustrate and unravel the numerous misconceptions surrounding dyslexia.

Rather than focusing on reading and writing, Benedict explores the unforgiving rigidity of formulae and social structures within the 2D ‘lexic’ world. This lecture offers insight into how to invert society’s perception of dyslexia and, through breaking excepted rules, to empower the lexic and dyslexic alike.