Place and People

01 scuthorpe thumPlace and People work collaboratively, to shape the future and peoples’ understanding of their environment through the diverse creative skills of our core team.

Appropriate: We bring techniques and knowledge to build expertise and meaningful collaboration between communities and designers, professionals, and local authorities. We create conditions where we expect to be taught by the participants about their place and their ambitions for it.

Innovative: Our approach is borne out of mutual respect and openness to new ideas. Place and People is a collaboration between archaeologist, artist and architect and our methodology has developed over time. Our approach is structured and open, using shared conversation as a potent exchange of ideas. Participants are encouraged to express their personal knowledge and experience and also to take on board the context that listening to others provides.

Imaginative: Creative conversation, activities, and discussion strengthen shared understanding. We start by re-examination of the group’s purpose in a refreshing atmosphere of rediscovery. Opportunities and challenges are brought under creative, open scrutiny.  Working together we develop the sense of purpose and engagement with the real issues and the outcomes to be achieved.