Lines of Desire


This is a light and flex installation is a unique design for the exterior of Burley Lodge Community Centre. The purpose of the work was to draw attention to the exterior, in order to inspire conversation by local people and the centre staff and users about community, identity and creativity. This public debate is an important part of the centre’s development as the upper floor is used to support new social enterprise companies.

The work was inspired by the idea of mapping the streets of Burley, and the community concept of the boundaries and movement through the area.

Environmental concerns and design informed the work which is run by a time clock to minimise expense. It is made up of 20 circular wall lights with plastic opal diffusers, 10 inch in diameter so they can house low watt energy bulbs. They give off minimal light pollution.

The five different colours of flex (red, blue, yellow, green, orange) are synchronized with the colour of the lights and the cable clips. This gives the work its strong clean lines and make it visible day and night.