Keep everything simple because it will become complicated all by itself

TREE small copy

TREE small copy

This artwork was created and produced for CIDA, who commissioned me to create a limited edition artwork as an object of engagement and debate as part of their ‘Creative Industries – The Roots of Innovation’, an ECCE Innovation symposium which took place in London, on June 24th. Each delegate was sent a signed limited edition print with a unique rubber stamp, as part of their delegate pack.

“Keep everything simple because it will become complicated all by itself No 2” draws on the history of the mathematics of beauty, of art and of culture. This work seeks to highlight the collective nature of the creation of knowledge and its creative legacy. The many layers within the work can be split apart and unpicked through a devised set of cultural filters. The map contained within the work can then be drawn out. The specific perspectives covertly placed within this façade of apparent chaos, will then be revealed.

This apparently chaotic and Dadaist work had its full meaning revealed during a presentation I made at the conference, some of the slides from which you can find here. I presented this piece alongside presentations from a selection of acclaimed national and international speakers including Sarah Iley from The Banff Centre, Henk Borgdorff from the Amsterdam School of the Arts and Will Hutton from The Work Foundation.

The keynote of the conference was the presentation by writer and cultural strategist Graham Devlin of his paper ‘A Place to Think; the development of Arts Research.’