Field Study

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Field Study International: formed in 1993 though networks made in the postal art community by Benedict Phillips and David Dellafiora. Created as a means of exchanging artworks, developing correspondences and establishing meetings that result in performances and group shows. At present Field Study have now over 300 participants in Europe, USA, South America and Asia.

Field Study International Meeting, Sat 3rd Jan 2009: Dinner following on from meeting at Tate Britain

The Field: Field Study International originated from a decision made in 1993 to reclaim the negative spaces on a c.v. i.e. the gaps. By claiming these gaps’ time is understood as being whole and continuous- this is called The Field.

Field Study: thoughts formulated from the date gathered from the Field is termed Field Study.

Emanations: activities stemming from Field Study are termed as Emanations.

Manifestations: Emanations resulting in events group and happenings are known as Manifestations.