Recently I have found myself, working more closely with architects and planners. As with the ‘Green ARC’ conference (2nd February 2006 Birmingham), aimed at planning officers and art and community organisations, I delivered talks about processed based public art, and public engagement; as well as devising and delivering a workshop to the conference. This workshop, gave an opportunity to delegate to create a new map of the Green Arc region through identifying their human and knowledge networks. These new maps layered people, their knowledge and skills, onto Green Arc's geography (Staffordshire County Council) as if they themselves become its landmarks and topography. The conference devised for Green ARC by myself, Sue Ball (Public art agent) and Jonathan Lindh (Architect).

In a NESTA funded programme 2004/5, ‘Creative Space’, I was Lead Artist in a partnership between two schools in Morley, Leeds. The project was to explore creativity within the science curriculum, working with a creative writer and scientist in a variety of settings. Alongside this role, I was asked to develop a collaborative project between the wider partnerships of eight schools, resulting in my curation of an exhibition in CUBE Gallery Manchester (Room 841); working with the four ‘Creative Space’ partnership artists around the themes and work produced for the dissemination of best practice in teaching and learning.

Please see CREATIVE SPACE book, I was a lead artist on case study’s one, five and eight. under publications.

I have experience managing various projects including both one-off workshops and sustained programs in writing, photography and other media. I have often worked as a lead artist coordinator and mentor on large scale and accredited projects. ‘Making Senses’ was one such project, lasting a year and involving five artists in five schools and a recent MA graduate, resulting in a final exhibition of sensory installations. I have collaborated with organisations such as Colleges, Universities, Schools, Charities, Theatres, Art Centres, and Art Galleries. This has meant working with members of the public and students aged 3 to 83 including teachers- painters- dancers - writers - historians - designers - archaeologists - musicians, coordinators, educationalists and others of all walks of life.