As an Artist, Writer and Curator, much of Benedict Phillips’ work is about investigating, researching and reacting to the places in which he finds himself. Benedict’s practice encompasses a broad range of approaches and methodologies to generate work as diverse as public art, installation, performance, photography, media art and creative writing. Dependent upon the geography of the project, Benedict’s responses have been floated, buried, placed, flown and exhibited. His work often involves placing artworks back into the spaces that influenced and informed their production.

Benedict is currently the lead artist for the Wilberforce Centre, a prestigious NHS LIFT city centre Health centre development in Hull. He has been working alongside the design team since November 2008 to create an innovative and fully-integrated public arts programme for the community and the building, which is due for completion in November 2011. As part of this role he is working on collaborative public art works for the interior and exterior of the building, as well as commissioning landscape and portraiture photography, touch screen artworks and interactive light works.